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Choosing South African Motivational Speakers for Your Year-End Function 

Looking for the Indiana Jones of motivational speakers for your year-end event? With 2016 coming to an end, why not kick-start the New Year with a powerful presentation from one of South Africa’s most sought-after motivational speakers? Whether you want to better teamwork, boost productivity, improve communication, increase sales, persuade change, or promote leadership – when you hire a motivational speaker, you’re simply giving your employees the competitive edge. But not all South African motivational speakers are cut from the same cloth. While some are trainers, workshop facilitators, industry speakers or entertainers, there are others that are all of the above and more. The trick to finding the best motivational speaker is to not to lower your expectations, because you can have it all – and here’s how. 

Consider Your Audience and Book a Speaker with a Proven Track Record

Considered as the largest intangible force that drives us towards our goals, motivation can be a tough nut to crack, which is why many successful organisations throughout South Africa hire motivational speakers. Used to re-energise, inspire, encourage, and inject positivity, productivity and flexibility into the workforce – when you hire motivational speakers, you’re hiring someone with knowledge, skills, experience and expertise, otherwise they wouldn’t be speaking.

But with that said, many private organisations enjoy nothing more than to impress their audience with bringing in a celebrity. The truth is that just because the speaker is a singer, an ex-springbok rugby player, or they made it to the top of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or Mount Everest in Nepal, it does not necessarily mean that they are an expert in motivation. You see, it’s no use booking a motivational speaker who is an expert on sport or acting if your theme is about business or global change.

Taking your audience and theme into consideration, make sure that your speaker is well versed on the message you’re trying to convey to your audience, otherwise you will leave your audience confused and bored. Do your homework thoroughly, as your decision could be a huge hit-and-miss. You want a dynamic motivational speaker who has earned their reputation through years of speaking on a variety of topics to a broad spectrum of different people, such as Robin Banks.

A gifted teacher, presenter, and educational trainer, Robin Banks is currently one of the most sought-after South African motivational speakers in South Africa with an enormous affinity for working with people from all walks of life. To book one of the most celebrated motivational speakers in South Africa, chat to us today.

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