The Top 3 Characteristics of Great Motivational Speakers

The Top 3 Characteristics of Great Motivational Speakers

Have you ever been to see a motivational speaker and found yourself struggling to keep your eyes open? Or have you ever been so captivated and enchanted by a speaker that when they were done, you were motivated to immediately act in a new or better way? Whether it was in a town hall, restaurant, expo or conference centre, we’ve all been motivated by another human being at some point in our lives. But what makes some speakers so great that they not only move us, but they motivate us? Here are the top three characteristics of great motivational speakers.

#1 Empathy

Knowledge and expertise come with time, but empathy is acquired right from the start. Anyone can get in front of a large audience and speak, but what really sets great motivational speakers apart from the rest are speakers who put themselves in the shoes of their audience. You see, great motivational speakers have usually undergone the same or similar experience as their audience, and are able to use their experiences to relate to the worries, concerns, challenges, fears and hopes of their audience.

#2 The Power of Persuasion

Another great characteristic is the power of persuasion. While many believe that the art of effective persuasion and influence is a learned skill, the true ability to convince and persuade is a gift that comes naturally to great motivational speakers. Yes, great motivational speakers have the ability to convince and persuade anyone, and not only do they show an audience that change is good, but they also demonstrate exactly how it’s done.

#3 Dynamic

Motivational speakers come in many types. There are speakers that are funny, there are speakers that are serious, there are speakers that are persuasive, and then there are speakers that are all of the above and more. These speakers can be defined as dynamic. One of the key characteristics of great motivational speakers is the way in which they reveal how they became a success. Yes, people crave inspiration, and when you hire a dynamic motivational speaker, you’re hiring someone who knows exactly how to empower their audience with excitement, energy and great storytelling. Great motivational speakers keep their audience aware and at the edge of their seats.

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