South Africa Has a Bevy of Gifted Motivational Speakers

South Africa Has a Bevy of Gifted Motivational Speakers 

South Africa is well-known for its motivational speakers, and Robin Banks is one of them. Considered as one of the world’s leading authorities on the subjects of Mind Power and Personal Mastery, Robin remains one of the most sought-after South African motivational speakers on the circuit today. Throughout his career, Robin has spoken to senior management teams and CEOs from Global Fortune 500 companies, and he continues to inspire and motivate professionals and people from all walks of life.

One of the aspects that sets Robin apart from other South African motivational speakers is the fact that he draws from his own life to motivate his audience. As a prolific speaker and presenter, Robin brings with him the ability to combine solid content with a humorously relatable presentation. In this way, audience members are more likely to remember key points of the presentation, while also having a great time attending it.

What Presentations are Available from Robin Banks?

Robin has developed a number of presentations and workshops fit for specific types of events. One of his most popular workshops is the “Victim to Victor” presentation, which was initially developed by Management and Skills Training (MAST) in the middle 1990s. This was to address the fearful and negative mindset that gripped the country at the time. Initially developed for the South African Post Office and the South African Defence Force, it soon became much more obvious that the issues the workshop dealt with were common to many companies and organisations across South Africa.

After joining MAST on a consultancy basis in 1998, Robin continued with the “Victim to Victor” work in 1999, after the company closed. Today, “Victim to Victor” continues to be successfully implemented in a number of organisations, including government, corporate, retail and NGO organisations, by facilitators who share Robin’s passion. This is just one of the many workshops available, which Robin can personally tailor to your organisation to maximise the effectiveness and potency of the presentation.

Why Choose Robin Banks as Your Preferred South African Motivational Speaker?

Robin has studied the art of communication and understanding group dynamics for many years. He has also been trained and mentored by the likes of John Kehoe, to present the internationally acclaimed Mind Power course. These are only a few of the reasons why Robin remains at the top of his industry, and why he remains in such high demand. Bringing a diverse background to his work, Robin uses this to further relate to his audience, and make his work more applicable to a diverse range of audiences.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of having an inspired speaker work with your team. If you are looking for a gifted and inspiring South African motivational speaker to leave your team inspired at your year-end function, and ready to take 2018 by the horns, book Robin Banks well in advance to avoid disappointment. Contact us to learn more about Robin, and to secure him for your next event and preferred date. We look forward to hearing from you.

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