Conference Speaker in South Africa

Conference Speaker in South Africa

Selecting a Conference Speaker for Your Event in South Africa 

Finding a conference speaker for your event can be like finalising the seating chart for your wedding: nearly impossible. It is not easy finding a South African conference speaker that can capture the audience, be light-hearted, and still have them feeling inspired when they leave. This might seem like a tall order, but it is possible if you can find the right speaker in South Africa for your event. Here are a few tricks of the trade to find a speaker that will make your conference unforgettable.

It Is in The Preparation 

The first step in planning your event is finding a speaker that fits with the theme and objectives of the event. It is important that your speaker connects with the audience. For example, a former sports professional who faced obstacles and challenges and won at life would be ideal for a sports conference.

Act Fast

As with any conference speaker who is in high demand, the best ones are booked out fast. Make sure you secure your conference speaker at least eight to 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment. This is not always possible, and things can go wrong, like dates changing and last-minute cancellations, but try to mitigate the risks, so you do not have a face-off with disaster just before showtime. If you are looking for someone outside your company, you can contact a professional conference speaker. This allows your audience to get a fresh view from someone new that they can relate to.

Keep the Budget in Mind

Some South African corporate speakers can charge exorbitant fees, even if they only speak for 30 minutes and then leave. Many event planners in South Africa make the mistake of spending more time searching for conference speakers than keeping an eye on the budget and negotiating fair rates. If the speaker that you had in mind just published a book or is very popular, their fees will escalate. As an event planner, it is up to you to consider a conference speaker’s suitability to your audience and whether what they can offer is in tune with their fee – and your budget.

The Flow of Events 

When booking a speaker, keep in mind how the evening is likely to play out. Maybe you only need the conference speaker for 30 minutes of the event, or you would like them to stay afterwards and mingle with your guests, or even do a questions-and-answers session with the audience. Once you have an idea of what role you want the speaker to play in your event, it will make the selection process a lot easier. If you follow these guidelines, you are sure to find the perfect conference speaker for the job. Robin Banks is such a speaker. He has been a motivational and conference speaker for many years and has mastered the art of capturing an audience with his insightful talks, workshops, and presentations.

Over a million people globally have been inspired by Robin since 1995, when he discovered his passion for people and helping them achieve greatness. Be part of the change. Book your conference with South Africa’s Robin Banks.

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